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Our goal is to create a strong, environmentally friendly power leasing company to provide backup, prime and emergency power to various industries. EPS intends to become the leader in the industry in research and application of new generator systems.


Environmental Power Solutions, LLC is a generator sales and leasing company specializing in 600kw eco-friendly generator systems. Our generators are diesel powered and are available for lease on a daily, weekly and monthly basis to West Coast cities. These generators are state-of-the-art and meet or exceed all of the current EPA and environmental standards. EPS’ goal will be to continue to improve our product and to be the leader in advancement within the industry for years to come.

In addition to being diesel powered, each generator is sound attenuated, containerized and has an onboard fire suppression system. Each 600kw generator is mounted on a 20’ ISO truck chassis. They are equipped with “parallel switch gear” to group them together to be used in multiple configurations. For example, up to 8 of our generators paralleled provide a power plant up to 4.8 Mega Watts, and in theory these could be used as power for an entire small city.

The 600kw generators are well beyond the size of those typically used in most construction situations and are leased primarily to large power users such as logistics facilities, Cities, Utilities, Military Facilities, Ports, Shopping Malls, the Film Industry, and other companies requiring large amounts of power. These generators can be used as prime power, standby, or in emergency power situations such as natural disasters. In California alone in the last 24 months, emergency response teams have fallen short of their power needs and were forced to pull dirty generators from Minnesota, Georgia and Florida.

These same end users are the most environmentally conscious in the industry and are all now tied to leasing units which are high polluting. In recent months the Port of Los Angeles and the California Air Resources Board (“CARB”) have increased the pollution standards for heavy equipment used in the ports. Currently, few, if any, generators used will meet these new standards in Southern California. Most of the diesel engine manufacturers cannot meet the current state standards for their engines without expensive modification or retrofitting.

The EPS generators are powered by large state-of-the-art Volvo engines. The Volvo engine is one of the only engines manufactured to meet these current standards. We have added additional proprietary equipment to further reduce emissions well below CARB standard levels.
These units are very mobile and from our location in Southern California and they can be delivered to most cities in the West in less than 36 hours.

Commitment to being the only green diesel generator leasing company is paramount to the goals of the company. EPS is committed to investing in long-term research and development of generator equipment that will continue to set the standard for low carbon, NOX, and CO2 emissions.

Initial capital is required in order for EPS to enter the market and create a strong presence with immediate branding and enough market ability to stave off any competition and possible copying of the business model for the first three to five years.


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