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Advantages, Disadvantages & Differences Between Diesel & Natural Gasoline Generators; How They Work, Most Fuel Consumption Efficient, Cost Effective & More

When needing an emergency generator, you want something dependable, cost effective, and something that is environmentally sound. But which option is right for your needs? Well between diesel fueled generators and gasoline fueled generators, there is definitely much to consider. Today, we at Environmental Power Solutions would like to analyze the two options and expound on diesel generators versus natural gasoline generators.

Diesel VS Natural Gas Generators

Some folks opt for specific models based on the fuel specs mostly for what they perceive is most cost effective, but when taking a closer look at diesel powered generators and gasoline powered generators, you may be more surprised as to which is more beneficial!

How Does a Portable Generator Work?

If you break it down, the most basic difference between the kinds of generators is the method to which the fuel is created by the way fuel combusts. The spark plug in natural gas generators is the source of the required ignition, in which it contributes to producing combustion when fuel is in the chamber. When it comes to diesel generators that rely on compression to increase fuel temperature to produce ignition and combustion. Diesel generators are believed by experts to be far safer than sparked induced generators.

Standby & Portable Generator Costs for Rent

Depending on the market forces, cost is generally a consideration for most consumers, and is another difference between diesel generators and gasoline generators. The initial cost of gasoline can sometimes seem less expensive by $.15-$.35. Depending on the market as earlier stated, diesel generators burn up to 50% less fuel than gasoline generators, saving you a significant sum of cost over time.

Generator Compression Ratios & Fuel Consumption Efficiency

Gasoline generators compression ratios range from 8:1 to 12:1 where as diesel generators compression rations are sitting pretty at numbers between 14:1 and 25:1. With these numbers, the diesel generators have a tendency to operate at higher efficiency than gasoline generators.

What Does a Glow Plug Do in a Diesel Engine?

The only real advantage gasoline-powered generators have is for those that may live in severely cold temperatures. Diesel engines use compression rather than engine spark. The colder weather can make combustion in a diesel generator difficult to occur being that diesel generators need to create heat for combustion to develop. However, for those that still enjoy the perks of working with diesel generators, this issue can be worked around by utilizing a glow plug. A glow plug amounts to a wire that conducts an electric current.

Summary of Benefits of Diesel Over Natural Gasoline Generators

After pulling in the results, we would have to say that the diesel operated generators are the favorite versus the gasoline generators. Here is a quick glance of the benefits diesel generators.
– Better on the environment.
– More cost effective in the long term.
– Increased efficiency.

Portable Clean Diesel Generators Made in the United States & Available Worldwide

No matter which way you look at the facts, diesel generators come out on top. At Environmental Power Solutions we are committed to aiding and encouraging industries to join us as we promote ecological integrity without sacrificing the basic need for power. We are continuing to introduce innovation and inspiring technology to the ever demanding and rapidly growing aspect of clean generator power.

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