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Benefits of Buying a New VS Used, Second Hand Generator for Sale; Cost, Hours & More

In the market today, there is a wide range of new and used generators readily available for consumers. When it comes to making the right purchase, one usually gets all the pertinent information gathered. Identifying the needs of powering heavy equipment, emergency power backup, as well as prime or standby power are just a few examples. When performing your research, the analysis determines the specifications and requirements that are needed. Once you have the specs down, the next important decision is to look into buying new or used generators. To best decide which option is best for you, there are several factors you need to consider. We at Environmental Power Solutions would like to discuss buying new versus used generators.

Benefits of Buying a New Generator

Much like buying any major purchase new, a common benefit is that the new comes with a standard manufacturer’s warranty. Typically, the warranty is valid for 1 or 2 years, but the length and terms vary greatly, depending on the intended usage. The warranty however, does not come without a substantial increase in cost. Considering the size, make, and manufacturer dictates the length of time or limited availability, and especially in larger generators, extra time is often required to account for these considerations. New generators can be the most optimal choice for companies who have the time and the extra security of the warranty. As with many major purchases, you need to determine the pros and cons of the situation to determine which option is better suited for your needs.

Advantages of Buying a Used, Second Hand Generator

Despite the fact that a used generator does not come with a warranty, the advantages it offers is often the better option. A significant benefit is that the used generator that have low hours are offered at more affordable prices and substantially below the high retail price of exact models that are new. By getting a low-hour generator instead of a new, one, it is possible to save up to 50%. Another advantage is that purchasing a used generator makes them readily available, making purchasing and installation a quicker experience. Because of limited availability and factory lead times, there is no waiting period. All that is done is that you buy it and have it shipped all at once; some sellers will even include shipping costs in the sale price. Power generators are built to last and operate when they are needed. Name brand manufacturers construct industrial strength equipment, making the risk negligible. Depending on the age of the unit, a warranty may still be valid or some dealers will offer a guarantee of some type. Whenever possible, finding a used generator that was previously only used for emergency backup or standby power is the most optimal choice. Because backup generators are rarely used and only run when the primary power shuts down, they will operate at peak performance without the need for repair.

Hours & Other Disadvantages of Buying a Used, Second Hand Generator

The number one disadvantage to buying used is that the generator had a previous owner; therefore, you know little of how it was cared for, the previous usage, and the history of the unit. If opting to buy used, it is best to go through a reputable company who ensures the quality of the used generators. They have the ability and expertise to perform testing and repairs to guarantee the unit.

Generators for Sale, Lease or Rent

If you are looking to purchase a used or new generator, contact Environmental Power Solutions and let our experts consult with you on your options and help you find a perfect fit better suited for your needs!