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Commercial Diesel Generators; Effects of Power Outages on Businesses, Economy & More

We’ve covered the needs for hospitals, nursing homes and assisted living facilities to have electrical power generation equipment to provide for emergencies when the power fails. But what about other businesses? Ever stand in line at a retail outlet and have the power go out? Sales come to a halt. A half hour later it becomes apparent that there will be no power for a while. Manufacturing is even more susceptible to power outages. Retail and manufacturing run the risk of loss of sales income and failure to reach manufacturing production goals.

Power Outage Impact on Business

Nothing is worse for a manufacture floor or retail supervisor to look out and see their employees standing idle because of a power outage. Power failures are not planned events, and Murphy will make his presence known in any unplanned event. Imagine the power going down during your “Black Friday” sales event and the impact it will have for any retail outlet. Not only do the cash registers not work but all your security features fail as well. If you deal with frozen foods imagine the coming thaw and the impact it will have on sales and lost inventory if the power in not restored for an extended period. Digital communications will fail as a computer is the prime hub that depends on external power versus the physical wired line of the phone company. For the manufacturer there is the lost production and idle man hours waiting for the return of power.

Effects of Blackouts on Business Owners & Employees

Security failures will render any anti-theft security moot. It can be dark, at least initially while your vision adapts, how much shrinkage will occur with the lights out, an opportune time for a little larceny.
Customer and employee comfort is a consideration. Environmental controls fail, meaning no heat in the winter and no A/C in the summer.

Advantages of Using an Uninterruptible Power Supply & Commercial Grade, Onsite Genset

Unplanned shut down of critical computer systems never ends well. And all modern retail outlets essentially use a computer with a cash drawer under it. Sales and other data are maintained, and very few are equipped with uninterruptible power supplies. Imagine the loss of ticketing information during a major concert or sporting event.
Rule one is install uninterruptible power supplies. These units usually give you sufficient time to do a planned shutdown or provide power during a switch over to an emergency or emergency or standby generator system (genset) for digital systems. Rule two is have a commercial grade, onsite genset that will supply power to the business/manufacturing facility in case of power failure. The northern states are subject to ice formation and subsequent failure of the power the elevated power lines. Coastal states have the threat of hurricanes and typhoons. Most modern systems are automated. Automatic startup on switching from the power grid to the generator are seamless with only a short interval for starting engine until full power restoration. Even an older manual system that is properly maintained should have the lights on and environmental systems operating short order.

Clean Diesel Generators fro Sale, Lease or Rent

As our modern lifestyle becomes ever more dependent on the grid, it is time for us to consider our independence under emergency conditions. Homes, emergency services and the retail and manufacturing business need to seriously consider an emergency/standby electrical generator. Environmental Power Solutions offers diesel generators to best meet your needs. Contact us today.

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