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Diesel Generator Solutions for Power Outages & Blackouts Caused by Natural & Man Made Disasters

Do you live in an all electric home? Imagine if the power goes down in mid July in the southwestern desert.
Interior heat can rise easily into the 90’s or more. Grandpa, a former smoker, is now dealing with the progressive disease of emphysema, and has to have oxygen. He is tied to an oxygen machine through a 60 foot plastic line and requires the gas to survive. No power, no A/C or oxygen. No fans, TV, computers or electronics. Few of us have a landline, or conventional phone service as we are a cellular society. But cell phones need recharging. Cut off from the world, heat rising, grandpa is in poor straights and you can’t warm a meal in the microwave oven. Even a balanced power home will suffer a tremendous loss in comfort and services. In the winter gas or oil furnaces will not function without electronic regulation. And no power for freezers and refrigerators, translates to valuable loss in food stuffs.

Natural & Man Made Disasters Can Result in Power Outages

Rural communities and even urban settings are vulnerable to power outage due to weather or nature’s rage; earthquakes. These disasters are widespread, sucking up emergency response resources and extending relief efforts. Power may be out over an extended time. Not hours or a few days, but even weeks or months. Then there exists the probability of man made disaster. Nuclear power plant accidents or terrorists events are always a consideration.
Preparation, particularly if you life in a area where you are subject to the natural disasters can ensure survival if not total comfort.

72 Hour Emergency Survival Kit

A 72 hour emergency kit for every household member with 1800 to 2400 calories and water for three days is recommended. These kits need to portable in case you have to relocate, like higher ground in a flood. A hand cranked emergency radio and first aid kit round out the survival items needed to weather the storm. Longer emergency supply levels up to three months should also be considered when dealing reoccurring inclement weather .

Diesel Generator Backup Power for Home Use

But if you had an emergency electrical power source a mediocre level of comfort can be restored. Refrigerators to preserve frozen and cool food, extending the food resources, and even if the A/C cannot be restored fans can be run for some relief. An emergency generator sized to meet the needs of the entire home will provide comfort and safety. Diesel is an economical and reliable prime power for an emergency generator. Natural gas and propane are also serviceable. Problem is in an earthquake event, gas lines may have been severed. Propane on the premises will ensure clean reliable power, but is also prone to compromise in case of a geological event. Gasoline is effective, but with a relatively low flash point may constitute a fire hazard. If properly maintained diesel powered emergency power generation is very reliable.

Diesel Powered Generators for Lease, Rent or Sale

For urban and rural communities emergency response operations will most likely depend on the diesel powered mobile electrical generation plant. Those communities that are subject to cyclic disasters, usually weather related, can lease units to cover emergency needs through their vulnerable period. It is much harder to plan for geological event emergencies or manmade disasters. Without electrical power our civilization as we currently experience will come to a disastrous conclusion. Emergency power generation is the key to physical and economic survival. Plan for the worst, hope for the best. Contact Environmental Power Solutions to learn more about our diesel generators for rent, lease or sale!

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