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Need for Temporary Portable Power Supply & Electrical Distribution Systems for Construction Sites, Ports, Ski Resorts & More

Temporary Power & Electrical Distribution for Construction Sites

You’re a contractor, with a major project in a remote location. You have to provide your own cement for buildings, bridges and sidewalks. Plus you have to mix your own asphalt for roads. There is a substantial crew that requires housing, office space and a source of entertainment that will need power. You need to power pumps to supply fuel, water and sanitation. The power supply needs to be robust and capable of providing power to the small, local and temporary community. Perhaps this is going to be a community related to the oil industry located in a remote area like Alaska.

Port Authority Power

You’re the port authority of a busy but moderate port. You have a large infrastructure to support your mission. You need to power cranes, electric train shuttles, office and warehousing; and care for your employees. A power outage can cost you millions of dollars every day. Your venture is at a standstill because of power failure.

Powering the Film Industry

The film industry routinely has need to support a substantial crew of set designers, film crew, actors and extras in remote areas far from municipal power. These need to be fed and sheltered. A reliable power supply is needed to provide cooking, air conditioning, power set design shops and a plethora of others to shoot a major motion picture in a remote and sometimes unfriendly environment. As generators are leased, major delays and therefore expenses are avoided.

Power for Ski Resorts & Lodges

Ski lodges would benefit by employing a generator. Being seasonal and located in remote areas, ski resorts and lodges are at the mercy of unpredictable weather patterns. A leased large power output generator would avoid the expense of purchase and could be obtained seasonally at a reasonable cost providing ample power for the full operation.

Generators Offering Electricity Reliability & Helping to Avoid Power Outages

These scenarios have one thing in common, the need for reliable electrical power generation. The answer – Environmental Power Solutions (EPS). EPS provides containerized power generation equipment and are trailer mounted for ease of transport. Powered by EPA approved Volvo diesels, these units are self contained. What is really cool is that they have built in fire suppression equipment and the containers are insulated to lower sound pollution and protect the equipment. Versatile is the name of the game. A single unit is rated at 600kw, enough to supply a small town. Wired together in parallel the wattage can be increased. Six such generator stations could supply 3.6 mega watts of power! The cost? The units are leased on a daily to monthly basis to address any term of service. Any critical infrastructure facility can count on EPS units to provide essential power in an emergency. Having to protect more than one site, you can connect the trailer unit to a truck and transport to where needed. Municipalities that are at the mercy of the weather could lease a couple of units to power crucial places like hospitals, emergency control and other operations as need. Just hook it up and move to where needed. Run the lease during the most storm intense period and then return when not needed. Our Volvo engines are EPA and CARB compliant, providing “green” power for emergency operation or in support of a major logistics, communications, and military operations. Contact EPS for your personalized solution for any power need. EPA serves the worldwide market and can be purchased or leased, though being located in California, our primary market is the West Coast to Colorado.