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When the Power Goes Out; Need for Correct Size Emergency Stand By Back Up Generator

Louisiana receives more annual rainfall than the southwestern states combined. Given the recent devastation in Texas and Florida, more rain can fall in minutes than Nevada sees in a year. Every region offers a blend of challenges. The southeastern and gulf states must contend with tropical storms and hurricanes. The southwest contrary to the southeast is either hot or cold desert region, where there is a lack of rain. In the south, high temperatures are experienced. Pacific coast has the geological activity that causes periodic but expected disasters. In the Midwest it is the tornadoes that wreak havoc and the northern states loose power on a regular basis contending with winter ice and snowstorms. We all have our tests.

When the Power Goes Out …

But losing power can be downright deadly, to the very young or the growing elderly population. Health monitoring, extreme cold or heat, lack of proper food preparation, the disability to pump or provide potable water these and others including disruption of communication and a reduce ability of emergency response in these conditions can and will have dire consequences. Modern lifestyles and our dependence on our electrical and electronic communications (includes internet) and conveniences leaves us vulnerable to disruption. Couple all this with the overall apathy and lack of preparation we have a recipe for reoccurring disaster. With all that we face from nature we should consider the asymmetrical threats of terrorist activities and foreign government intervention. The fundamental requirements are water, food, clothing, shelter and for some electrical power. Without power there is no light, no heat or cooling, no cooking and no food preservation or communications.

72 Hour Emergency Survival Kit

The government recommends a minimum of a 72-hour survival kit, water, food, hand crank emergency and weather radio, first aid kits and emergency clothing and sanitary equipment. If you’re in an area prone to the vagaries of the weather this may constitute the creation of a mobile 72-hour kit, or bugout bag. For those who are high and dry, a generator should be considered as well with a couple of weeks of fuel.

Generator Sizing Calculator

The generator should be sized to provide power for the refrigerators, water well if that is your source of water supply and possibly a central source of heat. A gasoline, diesel or propane powered mobile unit, if capable of supplying power for your minimal requirements would be sufficient or perhaps a whole house unit. Multi-fuel units’ compatible with gasoline, natural and propane gas are very fuel flexible. If operable these units can be attached to the natural gas supply to the home, offering a nearly inexhaustible supply of fuel.

Diesel Generators for Sale, Lease or Rent

Home power generations has its pitfalls as well. There are numerous tragic incidents of the generation unit causing death by asphyxia. DO NOT place the running unit inside of the house, by a window or door. Carbon monoxide poisoning is common with misplacement of generator. Safely installed a portable generator or an emergency standby or backup power generation system can be a significant safety net and help you and your family weather the storm. Manmade storms included. Contact Environmental Power Solutions for more information regarding our clean diesel generators for lease, rent and sale.