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Why a Diesel Generator Rental Can Be Smarter than Buying; Avoid Maintenance & More

Those in the industry of engineering or construction knows very well how much they invest in new equipment each year. At times it can cost more to buy and maintain versus renting especially, when it comes to the occasional need for power. Gaining access to power at certain sites often can be difficult but with the aid of a generator one can provide access to power any place they cannot connect to those reliable power sources. Environmental Power Solutions will share some of the top reasons why renting a generator is a better option than buying.

Benefits of a Diesel Generator Rental

Save Money Over Buying: In many situations, there are suitable power resources for those who require power like construction sites or community events. However, there are times when there is no power within range and this is when a generator will be needed. Instead of adding to the cost of buying and operating a generator, renting is a cheaper option. Especially, for those who only need a generator for a single time use, renting is the better option. By renting, you save yourself the cost of renting out storage space and maintenance cost of the generator.
Experience Before Buying: If you don’t know if you will require a generator for future use, renting one can provide experience by using one first. When you need a generator for the first time, rent one. If the occasion arises again in the future, you will have previous experience. This experience can aid you if you choose to buy your own. Never shop for a generator, blindly going without experience. Rent first to find which one will suit all of your future needs.
Avoid Maintenance and Storage: Many people prefer renting versus buying a generator for the simple fact they don’t want to worry about storage of the equipment or its maintenance. Generators do require regular maintenance and often require replacement components for proper efficiency. For many who don’t want to worry about the responsibility or care of the generator, renting is best.
Disaster Response: In many scenarios, generators are often rented for disaster responses. When storms or other disasters strike, power is often lost. Many will choose to rent a generator to help provide power during disaster. Hospitals often require emergency power when their generators run out.
Flexibility of Power Needs: Some never know how much power they will need and in what situation. Instead of buying a generator that may provide too much or too little power, many will simply rent what they need at a given time. This can help reduce waste. If a generator is running that provides too much power, it is a waste of fuel and resources. However, you don’t want to be stuck with not enough power either. The benefit in renting is that you get the generator and the power output you need.
When to Buy a Generator: Buying a generator makes the same sense as renting when you frequently find yourself in need of a portable power source. Make sure you do your homework and get the generator you require.

Diesel Generators for Rent, Lease & Sale

Environmental Power Solutions leases, rents and sells quality diesel generators. If you need to rent, lease or buy a generator system, contact Environmental Power Solutions.

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